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Spaghetti Dishes

  Alla Marinara - Tomato, seafood, garlic, wine and herbs.   5.70
  Alla Vongole - Tomato, baby clams, garlic and parsley.   5.70
  Alla Cozze - Tomato, mussels, garlic and Parsley.   5.70
  Alla Puttanesca - Garlic, anchovies, olives, green peppers, capers, tomato and parsley.   5.70
  Alla Carrettiera - Tomato, tuna, garlic, anchovies and parsley.   5.70
  Alla Bolognese - A traditional rich meat and tomato sauce.   5.70
Arrabbiata - Strips of pancetta with a spicy sauce.   5.70
Aglio Olio e Peperoncino - garlic, olive oil, chilli and parsley.   5.20
Al Pomodoro - tomato with lots of beautiful Italian herbs.   5.20

Tortelloni Dishes

  Gratinati - Ham, sage, cream and parmesan cheese, grilled.   6.30
  Alla Piemontese - mushrooms, meat sauce and parmesan cheese.   6.30
Burro e Salvia - butter and sage.   6.30
Al Funghetto - mushrooms, cream, butter and parmesan cheese.   6.30
Aurora - Tomato, cream, butter and parmesan cheese.   6.30

Tagliatelle Dishes

  Alla Boscaiola - Mushrooms, peas, bacon, tomato and cream.   5.85
  Funghi e Prosciutto - Ham, cream, mushrooms and butter.   5.85
  Al Salmone - smoked salmon, cream and tomato.   5.85
  Agli Spinachi - spinach, cream, bacon and parmesan cheese.   5.85
  Bolognaise - Featuring the classic rich sauce.   5.85
Alla Siciliana - Green peppers, aubergine, olives, capers, garlic tomato and parsley.   5.85

Fusilli Dishes

  Ai Carciofi - Ham, artichokes, garlic, olive oil, anchovies and capers.   5.70
  Alla Diavola - Spicy sausage, tomato, black olives, garlic and cream.   5.70
Pesce e Funghi - Smoked salmon and mushrooms in a white wine and saffron sauce.   6.70
Primavera - Broccoli, courgettes, olive oil and tomato.   5.70
All Arrabiata - Tomato, garlic, chilli and herbs; Hot!!   5.70
Funghi Marco - Wild mushrooms in a cream, white wine and garlic sauce.   5.70

Rigatoni Dishes

  Pastiacciati - Meat sauce, cream and parmesan cheese.   5.85
  Al Amatriciana - Tomato, onion, bacon and black pepper.   5.85
  Al Barolo - Bacon, onion, cream, red wine and parmesan cheese.   5.85
  Alla Carbonara - bacon, cream, egg and parmesan cheese.   5.85
Al Forno - Mushrooms, cream, egg, peas, tomato and mozzarella cheese.   5.85
Ai Quattro Formaggi - Cream, butter and four kinds of cheese.   5.85

Lasagne Dishes

  Lasagne Pasticciate - Layers of pasta in a meat sauce, tomato, bechamel and parmesan cheese; baked.   6.30
Lasagne di Magro - Layers of pasta with mushrooms, tomato, spinach, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses; baked.   6.30

Cannelloni Dishes

  Cannelloni - A pasta roll filled with meat, spinach and egg in a tomato and bechamel sauce; baked.   6.30
Cannelloni Agli Spinachi e Ricotta - A pasta roll filled with ricotta cheese and spinach in a tomato and bechamel sauce; baked.   6.30

Penne Dishes

Vegetali - Mixed roasted vegetables with a rich tomato sauce.   5.70
These items are suitable for vegetarians and do not contain any genetically modified ingredients.  

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