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  Fresh Strawberries.   £3.60
  Macedonia di Frutta Fresca - Fresh fruit salad.   £3.25
  Torta di Tartufo - Chocolate truffle gateaux.   £2.70
  Crème Caramel - Classic light dessert with a rich sauce.   £2.70
  Mousse di Cioccolato - Rich chocolate mousse.   £2.70

Bigne al Cioccolato - Profiteroles filled with fresh cream and served with chocolate sauce.

  Torta di Mele - Mamma's apple tart.   £2.70
  Tiramisu - Classic Italian dessert (contains nuts).   £2.70
  Zuppa Inglese - A trifle featuring summer fruits and hot custard.   £2.90
  Vanilla Panna Cotta - A set custard with summer fruits.   £2.70


  Lemon sorbet   £2.70

Coppa Marco - Strawberry and vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit salad and topped with whipped cream.

  Gelato Misto - a selection of ice cream flavours.   £2.70

Coppa Montebianco - Vanilla ice cream with marron glacé and whipped cream.


Coppa Della Nonna - Tiramisu, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.


Coppa Amarena - Cherries served in a liqueur syrup with strawberry, vanilla and pistachio ice cream and whipped cream.


Coppa Esotica - Pineapple drenched in rum, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.


Coppa Rustica - Meringue with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.


Coppa Carmen - Amaretti  biscotti soaked in Amaretto with vanilla ice cream, espresso coffee and whipped cream.


Cheese Board


A selection of hard and soft cheeses served with a choice of crackers, biscuits and chutneys.


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